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Housing Society Legal Consultancy

Legal Assure have always been the first name recommended to the client for matters related to legal advisory for cooperative housing society in Pune.

Legal Consultancy on Monthly Or Annual Basis

We offer legal consultancy on monthly & an annual basis for Co-Operative Housing Societies.

Consultancy for Housing Societies on following issues:

  • Consultancy regarding Co-operative Laws and Bye-laws of the Co-operative Housing Society.
  • Consultancy for procedure related to share certificates.
  • Consultancy & basic compliance for recovery i.e. issuance of notices etc. and letters to defaulter members etc.
  • Recovery Proceedings u/s. 154(B)29 MCS Act 1960 [Up to Rs. 25,000/- recovery only (above amount the said amount separate fees will be charged) ]
  • Consultancy for GBM, SGM & AGM etc.
  • Consultancy on the election of managing committee.
  • Consultation for documents authentication.
  • Legal opinion on transfer of Flat in Sale/Gift Deed /Death Case.
  • Consultation for Conveyance Deed/Deemed Conveyance.
  • Consultancy for any other miscellaneous society related matters excluding the following judicial or quasi-judicial matters [Court Cases].

Society Formation / Registration

A society is an association of several individuals combined using a mutual accord to deliberate, govern and act cooperatively for some communal purpose. Societies are usually registered for the advancement of charitable activities like sports, music, culture, religion, art, education, etc.

Documentation for registration, coordination between registrar and consulting till get registered of the society

Deemed Conveyance and conveyance deed

Documentation for conveyance deed, consulting and legal support to society for transfer the ownership. Documentation and Legal support for deemed conveyance.

Cooperative Legal Consulting

Get Expert Advice on Society Issues

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Frequently asked questions

There is a specific procedure that has to be followed while applying for registration of a housing society. Once the same is done, the certificate of incorporation is issued with 2 months.

A housing society exists to support the members, and build a community, where everyone can live as a family and thrive. Some of the main objectives of these housing cooperatives are:

  • The housing societies provide basic facilities like electricity and water supply.

  • Maintenance of the housing society is ensured.

  • The society members are provided financial support via loans, for constructions of their houses or construction of additional structures within the housing cooperative.

  • The housing society acquires land, constructs flats, and distributes them among the members.

  • A socio-economic environment is established within the housing cooperative that encourages healthy standards of living.

If you are more than 18 years of age, not an insolvent/bankrupt, and of sound mind, you can apply to be a member of any housing society.

Yes, all members of the housing society have equal rights and privileges. They have the right to openly express their opinions.

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