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NRI Property Services

Most of the time NRIs are not aware of their rights which they can legally enforce in matters related to property, taxation, banking and others. Legal Assure provide complete legal support to the Indian Community living across the globe

Legal Assure offers legal assistance in all kinds of property matters whether it is property registration, transfer of property or to solve any property dispute.

Legal Services For NRI

Legal Assure is a specialized legal wing comprising reputed and experienced lawyers in Pune to cater to the legal needs of the NRI.

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Our legal team shall offer, following NRI Legal Services and NRI Property Management Services;

  • Rental Assistance
  • Buying Assistance
  • Selling Assistance
  • Property Monitoring

We assist you to evaluate the inherent risks involved in purchasing Real Estate. Legal Assure help you in purchasing rightful properties in a rightful manner at the right price in Pune!

Specialized NRI Legal Services

Advising Non Resident Indian in Property Matters

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Frequently asked questions

Buyers must cross-check the paperwork involved in property buying process and ensure that the property has a clear title of ownership and has received all necessary government approvals.

An NRI’s power of attorney for property buying helps lawful sale transactions. Furthermore, NRIs would require a specific power of attorney to complete a purchase. No NRI could sell or buy property in India using a general power of attorney.

When one obtains ownership of a property, the first step is to apply for mutation and arrange all other necessary papers such as the sale agreement, title deeds, and so on. Furthermore, the owner must ensure that municipal taxes, water bills, and energy dues are paid on time and that receipts are kept secure.

To get a succession certificate, a petition must be written and filed at the appropriate district court. The applicable jurisdiction will be the deceased’s ordinary residence where they were residing at the time of death.

The best option to try and resolve an NRI Indian dispute would be to settle amicably so that all parties are satisfied, however, this option only applies in family situations. Where the legal rights of an NRI have been violated or infringed upon, there may be no other alternative other than pursuing your legal rights under law through civil litigation. The Indian courts provide substantial support to NRIs who have been deprived of their rights and the same can be pursued from the UK.

The length of time it tends to take to reach a resolution will depend on the circumstances on a case to case basis. Factors such as the nature and complexity of the case, the number of parties involved, the extent of legal action required and so on.
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