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Release Deed

A release deed or a deed of release is a legal document that frees a property or an asset from any prior claims or obligations. A release deed would typically be executed at a time when your home loan provider grants you a legal certificate that you have fully paid your loan and the lender is freeing the collateral submitted as a security against the loan.

Release Deed Drafting & Registration

A release deed has to be executed on a stamp paper and registered at the sub-registrar’s office to be legally enforceable. For registration, the stamp duty and registration fee need to be paid.

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Documents Required for Release Deed Registration:

  • Registered sale deed (of husband & wife purchased from builder)
  • Current financial Tax paid receipt
  • Khata certificate
  • Aadhar of Releasor & Releasee
  • PAN of Releasor & Releasee

Release deed in Home Loan

Banks across the world keep the original property documents with themselves for the entire home loan tenure. It is only after you pay your entire home loan EMIs that they return your documents. Along with the original documents, they also issue a release deed, stating that they have no claim on the property. The release deed, prepared by the legal department of the bank, will also state that there is no lien in the property.

Frequently asked questions

A Release deed is a legal document that frees up your property on which there are prior claims or obligations. A deed is executed to release your property from any earlier charge created when you pay all the dues to the bank.

The person under whose name the deed of release is executed, needs to pay the stamp duty on the instrument.

No, a release deed cannot be reversed after registration.

Yes, registration of a release deed is required under Section 17 of the Registration Act, 1908.
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