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Property Document Verification

Property document verification is examining and checking of the documents related to a particular property before you plan on getting yourself associated with it. If you are planning to buy property, or taking a property on lease, or wishing to takehome loans, or mortgaging property against a loan, it is extremely important that you ensure that this property is free of any legal issues/encumbrances and that you are not being cheated on by anyone in this regard.

The Document Verification involves conducting verification of documents related to the property which enables the clients to get complete information, genuineness and reliability of the documents pertaining to the property. Once the details regarding the property is submitted, our legal experts will verify and scrutinize the documents/records and provide expert opinion on the subject matter. Also give all assistance for getting the absolute title over the property.

Why do you Need to Verify a Property?

Lots of times realtors launch big projects without having all the required licenses which cause projects to get stopped and you lose out on your investment. Also, when you're buying a standalone property there can be issues over the legal ownership of the property. We warn you about any such problems too.

Benefits of Property Verification

As stated above, checking the authenticity of property documents is of prime importance since your entire lifetime's savings could be at stake. There are several benefits, as given below:

  1. You get assurance that the property involved in transactions is free from illegalities and litigations.

  2. You are assured that the seller of the property has a right to sell the property.

  3. It saves you from being cheated on and you are able to avoid a transaction if forged and/or fake papers/documents are presented to you.

  4. It is much easier to take a loan against the property that is free from illegalities, encumbrances, etc. Thus, verification also makes the process of acquiring a loan much easier.

  5. You safeguard your interests and a whole lot of money involved.

Verify The Property Documents Before Purchase

A property’s legal documents must be checked if you intend to purchase it or have already paid for it in full to prevent shady business practices by the builder or developer. Since there is a lack of transparency in the real estate sector, It is best to verify all the documentation before purchasing any real estate.

Key Documents to Check Before Buying a Property

Buying a property is an expensive affair. Any mistake in the legal due diligence could land you in serious legal disputes. That's why it's important that you maintain caution and check all the important documents before you sign the deal. Take a look at some of the most important documents you must verify before buying a property:

  • Sale Deed
  • Power of Attorney/GPA
  • Agreement to Sell/Sale Agreement
    1. Sale Agreement between Builder and 1st/previous owner
    2. Sale Agreement with the Seller
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Property Tax Receipts
  • Khata Certificate
  • Completion Certificate
  • Occupancy certificate
  • Latest Electricity bill
Property Verification in Pune

Documents such as Sale Deed, Agreement to Sell, Conveyance Deed, Will , etc. are examined to check the title and the rights of the seller of the property. These documents should be properly registered and Stamped (Stamp Duty should have been paid to the appropriate Government body). It is also important to check if there are any pending taxes upon the property. For this, the Municipal Corporations of Pune can be approached.

We can assist you with all aspects of your purchase/sale of a property – right from the drafting of the agreement to sell, up to the registration. Get property documents verified by our lawyers.

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Frequently asked questions

Property document verification is a process by which legality of all the Seller’s property documents are checked. This process ascertains genuinity of Seller’s document. This process mitigates risk of fraud being played upon Buyer by unscrupulous Seller. This process also dig out the defect in the Seller’s documents, if any, which saves the Buyer from purchasing a property with defective documents.

Buyer of a property must to ascertain, among others, the followings before entering into any transaction with the Seller to purchase the property :

Seller’s documents are not defective.

There is not defect in the property chain.

There is proper vesting of the property in Seller.

Seller’s title documents are property executed.

Seller’s property document does not contain any covenant affecting buyers enjoying of the property being purchased.

[Note: Property document verification is first hand exercise for property purchase. It is advised for the buyer to have a title verification from the concerned Sub-registrar office. Property where stakes are high also advised to undertake comprehensive due diligence of the property before buying a property.]

If you are purchasing a home or any other property or are taking a property on lease, then it is important to get the documents verified. When you verify the documents, you can make sure your investment is safe and you're not getting into any scam or property fraud.

There are various documents that these experts verify during the verification process. Some of the most common documents include:

  • Agreement to Sell
  • Conveyance Deed
  • Power of Attorney
  • Will
  • Relinquishment Deed
  • Partition Deed
  • Mutation Details

The time required, just as in all other legal proceedings, depends upon several factors distinct to each case and the number of documents, etc. It is important that all the necessary documents to be verified have been arranged. If all the documents are in order and pre-arranged, the verification of property documents in Pune should not take longer than 5-8 days/one week.

Buying a property can be an overwhelming experience. It can affect you emotionally and can be immensely financially draining. This could be a reason alone as to why everything in a property transaction should be carried out with utmost precaution and care. The documents should also be verified with precision and that is exactly why you need an expert property lawyer to do the deed.

Only a lawyer has the right legal knowledge and expertise needed in order to verify property documents - check the legalities (and illegalities if any), point out discrepancies, ensure that the transferor has the authority to transfer the title, and ensure that you are not being duped/cheated by the seller/transferor, etc. Our lawyers have knowledge of local Pune laws related to property.

It is also crucial that the concerned agreement for the transaction between the buyer and seller includes every important aspect and is drafted by an expert lawyer, keeping your best interests in mind. Sometimes, especially in builder buyer agreements, the builder/developer hands over a pre-drafted/readymade agreement to the buyer which is generally partial towards the builder. This can be avoided if a good property lawyer vets such agreements and verifies all the documents involved.

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